Abby Gustke has been in the field of Illustration for 7 years now. She has a passion for visual storytelling and has dabbled in many different mediums. As a freelance artist she has been asked to create illustrations for posters, logos, children’s books, comics, portraits, and even set design. Abby has always had a deep desire to tell stories with the purpose of helping and inspiring people, so she is thrilled to be able to work on bringing the vision provided by Illumination Station to life.

Abby has received training through private art classes in California along with classes from Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida. Through her time at art school, Abby has been taught how to meet intensive deadlines quickly while maintaining quality work. She was also on the Associated Student Body at her college where she worked with a creative team to plan campus wide events. This experience really taught her the importance of being a team player in order to see success in a project. It also enabled her with the various organization and communication skills needed to work out tasks smoothly and efficiently. When she is not being taught, Abby can be found teaching private art lessons to her own art students in high school and middle school, as well as working with community centers and studios to aid in bringing art to children.

When she is not learning or teaching, Abby can be found creating more art as gifts to family and friends, working with teens and kids in her church, or watching movies with her family.

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