What We Do

Educational Tools

We love learning and believe the best way to learn is to have the most effective tools right in your hands. We are here to give you and your students just that.

Bringing Ideas

We thrive when we learn new things from others. We love new ideas and bringing them to the table of life. Let us start the conversation and see what we can learn.

Music Is Key

It has been said that music is the universal language. We believe that here at Illumination Station. We want to inspire as we have been inspired. Now is the time to shine.

Learning Out Loud

We love to share when we have something amazing to offer others. As we learn we teach, and as we teach we learn. Learning out loud lets us start the conversation.

Animated Stories

We are inspired by the amazing work done by the likes of "Schoolhouse Rock". We hope to pay homage to their great legacy and enduring work.

Printed Materials

Print is alive! We love reading, exploring and learning about so many great things. We love holding stories in our hands and turning pages to see what happens next.

How We Work

history is only the beginning

Everything you need to learn about, is in your past.

Illumination Station is designed to provide excellent learning tools to engage and expand the amazing minds we’ve been given. We do this by using music, and animation along with the great tradition known as storytelling. 


Our passionate pursuit is to find the most riveting aspects of each figure we feature. We look to highlight the areas these individuals struggled to fight through, how they ultimately prevailed, and the impact they had on American history.

With so many unique and yet unknown figures who have helped to shape this amazing country’s path. We do our very best research and find and select those who’s impact truly left a lasting legacy and changed the course of history.

We love to create our music from the inspiration of those we write about. We look to explore every style and genre of music to help shine the light on each of these amazing people, and use their extraordinary lives to feed our musical creativity.

We strive to create unique and thoughtful designs for each of our chosen stories and characters. We work hard to create visual media that is fun and engaging. We are fortunate to have extraordinarily gifted editors, producers, designers and animators working hand in hand to help bring to life each of these amazing people, while using animation as a tool to share these incredible true stories.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
Dr. Seuss
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