Educational Tools

Building from the ground up, educational tools that are entertaining and fun to use, is what excites us to come to work every day. We love bringing to life inventive ways, not only to teach but learn new and exciting ways to build and shape the young minds of tomorrow. We do this by engaging and investing with others who have shown their tremendous skill in creating such resources and programs. 

Many of the resources we will create can be used hand in hand to provide a complete lesson, in addition to activities that will help to bring these stories to life.  Each of these will be deeply connected to the animated music videos we produce.

Allowing those you teach to interact and engage with the materials and tools will help foster a fundamental program based on the areas of each of these historical figures.  As we broaden each program to incorporate multiple areas of learning, such as math, science, grammar, and history, we hope to deepen the knowledge of each of these historical figures.

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