Printed Materials

Print is alive! We still love reading, exploring and learning about so many great things. We love holding stories in our hands and turning pages to see what happens next.

With the advent of computers, the internet and mobile devices, we have seen less and less attention paid to what was once considered a staple of communication and learning. Physical print has all but vanished from places once filled with those holding the newest novel or latest best seller. For those who know what it is like to find and read though a physical book, there is something magical about holding a story in your hands. In turning pages, in bookmarking a page, and returning back to the place in your book where you left off.

While we will provided our materials in many different platforms. But we have deliberately chosen to dedicate many of our materials to include a physical format. These physical leaning tools will allow your students to learn without the need of an internet connection or mobile device, and allow them to connect with the world they are discovering through their own physical reading material. 

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