Ruth Markham, Sr. Project Manager,  has over 25 years experience in the Education field, with an emphasis in historical research.  She served as the Oversight Administrator for Private schools and is currently sitting on the Board of FCA.  Her greatest strengths are attention to detail, flexibility, and problem-solving skills, which has served her well in program and project management areas.  She has extensive experience with event planning as well as organizing on-going training classes.

Ruth’s passion over the years has been using her unique and creative art skills to enhance the projects/team she works on and to bring to light her broad art perspective.  She has also taught classes that build and encourage others to use their inner creativity.  She has spent many years working alongside Phoenix float decorating company in training, overseeing, and maintaining proper time management to complete the end product.  You can view some of the team completed projects here.

In her vast work history, Ruth has expanded her knowledge working  as head of finance, and office management for a prop production company in the motion picture industry.   Ruth brings with her an in-depth knowledge in organizational skills, an ability to storyboard, structure, and provide oversight for teams large and small.

When not managing large teams, Ruth can be found at home managing a large family, including her delightful husband Sherman, their seven children, and the overwhelming blessings of family and friends that greet their door.  Aside from love of family and friends, you can find Ruth quilting, painting, and any avenue that sparks her creativity. 

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