Sharon Melendez, a senior executive leader, is excited to make a positive impact in the world around her. Motivated by challenges, she strives to find solutions, influencing others to work together to produce results. In relation to processes, operations, and people, she looks for hidden potential that already exists within companies/individuals and works to develop them. Sharon is a visionary, driven by business marketing development and management development. Her approach to any unique challenge is to think beyond the narrow circumstances of the situation in order to inspire others in developing structure which allows for creating viable elements and new processes improving organizational growth.

Sharon has over 25 years of experience having grown various nonprofit organizations, corporations and startups. Her innovative work style and commitment to ethical stewardship have enabled her to inspire a growth-mindset, helping organizations to thrive. Her areas of expertise range from finance, human resource development, policy, and systems development. She has a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Studies from The Master’s University and a master’s degree in Nonprofit Management from Regis University, which have been instrumental in her success at managing organizations.

When not working, you will find Sharon at home in her kitchen spending time with her family which includes her wonderful husband Ed, six children and four beautiful grandchildren. Life is full when cooking for the family, laughing and dancing in the kitchen.

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