Why Music Is Key

Music connects us and allows us to relate to each other in ways words fall short. We are all creatives in some way. At Illumination Station, we love to create, and music is a very big aspect of that creation. Having been inspired by the music of the classic 70’s television program, “Schoolhouse Rock”, we want to continue the legacy they began.

Our music is inspired by the struggles our figure’s stories are based upon. We use the influence of their times and the music that was part of their culture. Our passion is to produce music that can connect to all age groups and cultures. We want to connect young minds to encourage them to sing, dance, and tap their toes to fun, educational and engaging songs that will empower them to embrace learning.

We believe music can be the bridge that connects the fun and excitement of learning, and allow young minds to become part of the learning process with excitement only music can provide.

let's create

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