We create experiences, through the magic of music, animation and storytelling.

One of the greatest gifts we can leave our children is knowledge and a legacy of who they are and where they came from. 

Illumination Station desires to bring back the excitement of learning again. Our tools will be the great history of this country’s unsung heroes that many have never heard of. So come along with us on an amazing journey though our past, to learn about those who’s lives may touch and inspire our present.

There is no better place than history to discover who we are. and where we came from. It is a deep journey with lots of twists and turns. But we can learn so much for those who have already taken on the challenges of their time and succeeded beyond even their own dreams. 

Through Illumination Station you will discover truth about those who triumphed where others may not have. Welcome to the place where amazing true stories and the past come to life.








Expert team


The very best storytellers creating the very best stories.

We cultivate and bring to life the lives of truly amazing, American historical figures from our past, while bringing toe-tapping songs, with fun lyrics, and fantastic animation and music you can’t help but sing over and over again. With exhaustively researched stores that engage and inspire.

So plug into one exciting ride through America’s history. As we embark on a unique journey, that tells the tales of people from a past forgotten, that share them in a way you’ll never forget.

"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams."
W. Wonka

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